Elden Ring: Where to use Stonesword Keys

Elden Ring: Where to use Stonesword Keys
Elden Ring: Where to use Stonesword Keys

You'll come across unusual treasures called Stonesword Keys on your trip across the Elden Ring's Lands Between. Small sword-shaped keys that are used in conjunction with imp statues. The keys can let you discover new regions and obtain unusual rewards. Here's how to put them to good use.

How to use Stonesword Keys

Stonesword Keys are used to unleash imp statues all across Elden Ring's realm. They function by being inserted into the statue in the same way that a key is inserted into a keyhole. The imp statue will open a nearby wall of fog, allowing you to travel past it if you have the necessary number of Stonesword Keys.

The imp statues are new to the world, but the doors are a mainstay of FromSoftware games and lead to new regions. Many statues just require a single key, while others may require several. The newly opened path can lead to a variety of destinations, each with its own set of obstacles and rewards. Hidden bosses, totally new places on the map, wealth, and shortcuts between areas are just a few examples.

Keys are notoriously difficult to get by. While you can choose one as a Keepsake at the start of the game, you'll have to hunt for others throughout the way, and they can be difficult to come by. Merchants, adversaries, NPCs, and quest rewards all have them.

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