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Ghostwire Tokyo: How to unlock Stun Talismans

Ghostwire Tokyo: How to unlock Stun Talismans
Ghostwire Tokyo: How to unlock Stun Talismans

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, Stun Talismans are an effective tool to stop Visitors in their tracks. If you're fighting numerous foes at once, a Stun Talisman can be thrown on the ground to stop them in their tracks, allowing you to weed out a few with some well-aimed Weaving assaults. We'll show you how to get Stun Talismans in Ghostwire: Tokyo in this guide.

The Stun Talisman will be unlocked as you go through the story, specifically through chapter two. This will happen as you progress through the A Maze of Death tale when you'll be seeking to discover the Kagerie Observation Tower at the Shibuya Kagerie Retail Complex. You'll have to cleanse the Kuo Shrine along the road. As a reward for completing this shrine, you'll receive the Stun Talisman.

The Stun Talisman is the first of several tools you'll obtain as you continue through Ghostwire, aside from the other Weaving skills you learn via syncing with KK. We strongly advise you to use this in instances where pinpoint accuracy is required and you're low on ether for your Weaving spells. These are also useful if Akito ever gets separated from KK, so keeping them on hand is always a good idea.

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