Evil Dead: How to complete the Kill Em All mission

Evil Dead: How to complete the Kill Em All mission
Evil Dead: How to complete the Kill Em All mission

You can perform many solo missions based on Ash Williams' escapades in the Evil Dead movies and television program in Evil Dead: The Game. You'll be fighting an army of Deadites and sending them back to hell in the Kill 'Em All mission, clearing the woods. We'll go through how to complete the Kill 'Em All assignment in Evil Dead: The Game in this guide.

How to complete the Kill ‘Em All mission

In the Kill 'Em All mission, you have 12 minutes to achieve all of the goals. When you arrive at Faison Farm, there will be a car available for you to use. Before departing, however, we recommend gathering all of the ammunition, amulets, and Shemp Cola you can find to combat the Deadite hordes.

Outside Railway Loop is the first Deadite infestation place to visit. There will be 12 Deadites spawning at the spot, and you must eliminate them. We recommend conserving weapon ammunition and mostly using your melee weapon to destroy these monsters because you will face the tougher enemies in other infestation sites.

You must locate the second Deadite infection site after battling this wave of Deadites. This time, the Dead End will be further north. You can locate a melee weapon in the northwest corner of the field before activating this spawn. You'll want to get this to take out the Deadites and the elite Demons, the Demi-Eligos, quickly. It's a more formidable foe than you've been up against so far, and you'll need to time your hits carefully to defeat it.

The final place is Fairview Campground, which is located southwest of Dead End. You only have to deal with four Deadites here. Three of them, however, will be ordinary, while the fourth will be Eligos, the Demon horde's main monster. During the fight, it will remain a safe distance from you, tossing pebbles at you and forcing you to use your trusty S-Mart Carbine to take it out. We advocate narrowing the gap between you and your opponent and attacking it with melee attacks. You should be aware of when it teleports behind you since this could surprise you and cause a huge amount of damage. You will have finished the objective once you have defeated the Eligos. At the conclusion, you'll be able to unlock Amanda Fisher.

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