King Arthur Knight's Tale: How to get Relic Dust

King Arthur Knight's Tale: How to get Relic Dust
King Arthur Knight's Tale: How to get Relic Dust

Relic Dust is a valuable resource in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, but it might be difficult to come by early on. Here's a quick guide to making sure you have enough. In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, purchasing items from the Enchanted Tower will offer your party a significant advantage on the battlefield, but you can't just throw a coin purse at the magicians to get them. Instead, you'll need Relic Dust, which you won't have enough of if you don't follow a few simple rules.

Upgrade the Merchant

One of the first steps toward getting extra Relic Dust is to upgrade your Merchant to the Craftsmen option. This will allow you to purchase Relic-quality things in the store with standard gold. Once you've purchased an item, you can either use it if the stats are good for your build or sacrifice it at the Enchanted Tower, which is more common. Two or three items destroyed in this manner will be enough to acquire one from the Tower's revolving inventory. You can also upgrade the Merchant to have the inventory refreshed more frequently, which will offer you even more Relic Dust if you have the gold to acquire them all.

Upgrade the Enchanted Tower

The Enchanted Tower has two enhancements that will increase your Relic Dust gain. The first option is the Ancient Method, which is a standard building enhancement. The second, on the other hand, is a little more obscure and takes the shape of an Adventure Map event. You know, the one you see as you exit Camelot and zoom out.

Anyway, an unnerving stranger will approach you and offer you the chance to join your crew, which you can accept or decline. Accepting it will have a terrible impact on your party's loyalty, and there is no clear indication of what the stranger will do at the tower if you accept it. The real benefit comes from surrendering objects, which gives you 10% extra Relic Dust and stacks with the Ancient Method.

Utilize Sir Ector

This cranky Arcanist will appear early in the game. Make sure to hire him as the Master of Magic at the tower as soon as you get him on the roster. This will give you extra Relic Dust at the end of each mission, and the higher Ector's level is, the more dust you'll gain. As a result, I would strongly advise bringing him on missions to ensure you collect as much dust as possible, but if his Loyalty drops too low, simply continue leveling him in Camelot while you send other heroes on adventures.

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