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King Arthur Knight's Tale: How to win duels easily

King Arthur Knight's Tale: How to win duels easily
King Arthur Knight's Tale: How to win duels easily

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, duels can be lucrative, but they can also be dangerous to your party. Here's a quick technique to eliminate the dangers and emerge victoriously. Taking foes up on their offer to battle them can result in some very good rewards, ranging from the ability to recruit new heroes for your round table to fantastic loot and mysteries in King Arthur: Knight's Tale. However, the cost can be high if your own party member loses HP and armor mid-mission, or worse, loses Vitality and becomes hurt. Thankfully, there is a way to completely avoid these issues, and the opportunity to do so appears quite early in the game.

Getting the cheese ready

The trick is to duel with your Vanguards. They can take advantage of the AI's inability to accurately detect a hidden character. As a result, you can continue to earn free opportunities and overwatch attacks without ever being assaulted. First and foremost, your Vanguard requires two crucial abilities: hiding and jumping. These skills will get you through a duel relatively unscathed even without upgrades, however, I recommend upgrading Hide to deal 50% more damage on surprise attacks (when you just get revealed).

It is critical to upgrade the Jump as soon as possible in order to lessen its cooldown. Furthermore, the AP reduction and range increase upgrades are extremely beneficial. When it comes to equipment, use anything that increases your resistance to surprise attacks and backstabs. This will transform your Vanguard into a one-shot machine that may also be used in ordinary battles. Also, ensure you have a piece of gear that reduces the stealth detection range by one square.

Executing the cheese

Use Hide and set up Overwatch on the first turn of the duel if you're up against a melee opponent. If you're hiding, the AI can see you but won't be able to attack you unless it uses all of its AP first. By the time the adversary approaches you, they will have used up all of their AP and will be vulnerable to overwatch and opportunity attacks. Hover the mouse over the opponent's Action Point total to see how many squares they can move without being able to attack at the end of the run.

They can only move three squares with seven AP and a two-handed weapon, for example, because an attack costs four AP. In that instance, use Jump to escape out of their range without generating an opportunity attack by landing at least four squares away. Then go into hiding, activate Overwatch, and wait for them to come back.

That's pretty much it; just keep doing it until you win the duel. Just keep in mind that the adversary can save AP if they don't use it all at the conclusion of their turn. You may need to close the gap if an adversary possesses ranged capabilities. To do this, move around normally and make sure you have enough AP to leap away and hide before attacking. Repeating these steps will keep your characters safe from harm while also giving you access to all of the optional rewards.g

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