Kurt Perez dead and The Blacklist season 9 airs title card tribute

Kurt Perez dead and The Blacklist season 9 airs title card tribute
Kurt Perez dead and The Blacklist season 9 airs title card tribute

Kurt Perez, who is he? Tonight's new episode of The Blacklist season 9 ended with an emotional title card, and it was dedicated to someone dear to the audience. For those unfamiliar, Perez was an integral part of the show's world as a crew member and an unsung hero for much of what you see on-screen. We know he was adored by several of the other cast members of the NBC sitcom. We released a video earlier in the day from a couple of hair and beauty department staff celebrating the completion of season 9 filming, and even in that message, there was an homage to Perez.

He tragically died at a far too young age earlier this year. Crews for shows like these are a close-knit group, which is understandable given that they work extraordinarily long hours for the majority of the year. These folks frequently become your family and home away from home. While working on your skill and contributing to a greater purpose, you share memories with them. Title cards are one of the most effective methods for any show to honor someone who works behind the scenes. These are things that will live on in the future, and every person who passes by will have the opportunity to learn about and reflect on this person.

This is especially crucial for staff workers and those that we don't get to see on-screen; otherwise, we might never learn anything about them. We hope that this title card serves as a reminder to Kurt Perez's family and loved ones of how important he was to The Blacklist family and that they will remember him for as long as the show is on the air. This is a show that has done an excellent job of honoring those who have worked on it in some form throughout the years, and we expect that trend to continue. During this difficult time, our thoughts are with Perez's family and loved ones.

Perez and Sharon Cuneta appeared in commercials for Colgate Toothpaste and Swift n' Juicy Hotdog in 2003. He was one of 14 finalists in StarStruck Kids (2004). He took home the title of Ultimate Male Survivor, while Sam Boumathai took home the title of Ultimate Female Survivor. In the TV series "Muravin," he played a young Aguirre with Angel Locsin and Dennis Trello, as well as an older Aguirre played by Richard Gutierrez. For the film La Visa Loca, starring Robin Padilla and Rufa Mae Quinto, Perez got a FAMAS nomination for the best child actor in 2006.

Kurt Perez's lovely appearance garnered him many fans. It's no surprise that he was dubbed the "ultimate male survivor" in 2004's StarStruck Kids, alongside Sam Bumatay, who was dubbed the "ultimate female survivor." The adorable little boy had already attracted the eye of viewers by starring in multiple TV commercials before joining the reality talent program. Kurt participated in various GMA Network shows after winning StarStruck Kids. However, he is best known for his part as a young Aguiluz in the blockbuster Telefantasya "Mulawin." Kurt debuted in the performing profession at a young age, but his career was cut short when his family decided to go to Australia.

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