Rogue Legacy 2: How to access every biome

Rogue Legacy 2: How to access every biome
Rogue Legacy 2: How to access every biome

Rogue Legacy 2 introduces a new graphic style, accessibility features, and a slew of new gameplay modifiers. The mansion can be significantly modified, and new biomes can be discovered within the twisted castle. In Rogue Legacy 2, this is how you get to each biome.

Citadel Agartha

This Biome serves as the game's focal point. This biome, as well as any biome that links to it, are both randomly produced with each new run in Rogue Legacy 2. You will earn the ability to lock the castle for half of your gold at some point during the game. The general position of each biome entry in this Citadel will remain unchanged.

Axis Mundi

This place is on the Citadel's far right side. The Echo Boots upgrade is required to enter this location. Every time you pick up some gold in Axis Mundi, you will gain 20% extra gold. The Void Beasts boss can also be found in this zone.

Kerguelen Plateau

This is a biome that can only be accessed via the Axis Mundi region. Continue to the right once you've arrived at Axis. You'll find the entrance to this new zone after defeating the Void Beasts. Estuary Naamah is located in this area.

Pishon Dry Lake

The Pishon Dry Lake biome is without a doubt the most difficult in the game. You'll need the upgrade that Estuary Irad has hidden up in the Sun Tower to enter this world. Estuary Tubal may be found here, and you can locate it when running through the Citadel. The entry will be visible as a green glow from the floor.

The Stygian Study

Once you've entered the Citadel, head straight up to find the Stygian Study. The Aether Wings upgrade is required for this biome. This biome isn't particularly combat-heavy, but it will demand a great deal of platforming skill to get through. Estuary Enoch is located in this area.

The Sun Tower

Another biome accessible via Axis Mundi is the Sun Tower. The entrance is located in the center of Axis Mundi, on the upper level. Pallas' Void Bell is required to roam this environment and hunt down Estuary Irad.

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