V Rising: How to delete a character

V Rising: How to delete a character
V Rising: How to delete a character

You emerge as a vampire in a harsh world in V Rising. To rebuild your power and get to the top of the vampire hierarchy, you'll need to find blood. To do so, you'll either need to build a base for yourself and your allies or go it alone. In this article, we'll show you how to delete a character or change their appearance in the game.

Deleting Your Character

Unfortunately, there is currently no method to remove your character. However, if you simply want to modify your body, skin tone, face, eye color, hair, features, or accessories, you will ultimately be able to do so by crafting a Mirror in the game!

Alternatively, you can go to a different server in the game to create a new Vampire. This isn't ideal if you have buddies on a specific server, but it's a possibility. Once you get access to a Mirror, you will be able to adjust all of your Vampire's attributes.

The Mirror may be made with 4 Copper Ingots and 8 Wood Planks, which is a rather simple ingredient list. Place it at your base and interact with it to change your appearance after it's finished. There is currently no method to change your name if you are unhappy with it. Make sure you pick the precise name you want because you're stuck with it for now!

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