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Evil Dead: How to enable crossplay

Evil Dead: How to enable crossplay
Evil Dead: How to enable crossplay

You'll be one of four Survivors or a Demon attempting to stop them when you join an Evil Dead: The Game match. With the Survivors attempting to evict the Demon and the Demon attempting to assault and ambush the human team, it's a race against time for both sides. You should enable crossplay if you wish to widen your search radius for players to join your match. Here's everything you need to know about crossplay in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to turn on crossplay

Go to Evil Dead: The Game's main menu and go down to the Settings category before entering into any of the matches or checking through the roster. Crossplay will be the first option available when you enter the Game settings. Crossplay is enabled if there is a checkmark next to it. If the circle is blank, it isn't active, and you'll have to click it to activate it. In Evil Dead: The Game, crossplay allows you to play with people on different consoles as well as those who are playing on PC.

We recommend selecting this option to expand the number of possible matches and provide you access to more players for your games. Crossplay allows you to join matches more frequently if you prefer to play with a small group of pals on the same console. If you and your small group make up a full Evil Dead match, you may also go into a custom match and swap out who is the Demon and who is playing the Survivors.

You should probably go through the Missions section before entering into any of these online games. These are single-player adventures where you can earn new content and characters like Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Amanda Fisher, Pablo Simon Bolivar, and Lord Arthur to add to your squad.

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