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Evil Dead: How to reduce fear

Evil Dead: How to reduce fear
Evil Dead: How to reduce fear

In Evil Dead: The Game, all survivors have a fear level beneath their health bar. As a player progresses through the game, their terror levels will rise. With a higher fear level, the group is more likely to be possessed by the Demon pursuing them down, aiming to prevent them from banishing it back to hell. There are techniques to lessen a character's fear level in order to avoid possession. Here's all you need to know about calming down in Evil Dead: The Game.

How to reduce fear

It's crucial to keep track of how your dread levels rise as you progress through Evil Dead. If you get too far away from your teammates and walk out on your own, your levels will progressively rise. When you're out and about, the Demon can set up a Scare Trap, which causes one of the random NPCs to appear from a portal and attack you, inflicting damage. Regardless of whether they are near to teammates or not, all characters gradually become fearful as they roam around in the dark.

Sticking close to your teammates as you move through the game is the best method to minimize your terror levels. Even while you will gradually develop the fear, it will still have a significantly lower impact than walking off on your own. Furthermore, if your squad contains a Leader class character, they lower your fear, providing you even more reason to keep close to them.

Finding a fire or light source and standing in front of it is the best technique to lessen terror levels. On the map, a little flame denotes the fire sources. To turn it on, you'll need a matchstick from your inventory. Your terror will decrease as long as you remain near the fire source. Light sources do not give as much fear reduction, but if you stand beneath one in a house, it will gradually dim, allowing you time to relax.

You need to find matchsticks since fire is the best technique to lessen your dread levels. You can usually locate them while exploring your match's houses, or you might get lucky and find one in a supply box you loot while exploring.

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