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Evil Dead: How to Switch Weapons

Evil Dead: How to Switch Weapons
Evil Dead: How to Switch Weapons

To dismantle the undead in Evil Dead: The Game, you can utilize a variety of weapons. At any one time, you'll have two weapons to choose from, and switching between them is crucial to your survival. We'll go over how the system works and how to switch between weapons in the Evil Dead in this article.

How to Swap Weapons in Evil Dead

While many games have a specific button for switching between weapons, the Evil Dead adopts a more natural method for switching between your arsenal. But first, let's define the distinction between ranged and melee weaponry. Melee weapons include hammers, knives, spears, and other sharp and blunt tools that allow you to attack undead adversaries up close and personal.

Ranged weapons are the polar opposite. These are weapons and other items that can be found in the game. Because guns require ammunition to fire, you'll want to be sure you're not wasting your rounds, which is why the ability to swap ammo at will is vital. And you can do it quite easily.

In Evil Dead, swapping weapons work in the same way. When you want to fire your gun, pull up the aiming reticle by holding the left trigger. You can shoot by pulling the right trigger while holding the left trigger. If you don't hold the left trigger, the right trigger will be used as a heavy melee attack button. The Right Bumper button can also be used as a melee attack button, although it will not operate if the left trigger is held down. It, if you want to switch between weapons in Evil Dead, you may do so just by pressing the Left Trigger.

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