V Rising: How to get Blood Essence

V Rising: How to get Blood Essence
V Rising: How to get Blood Essence

Blood Essence is a necessary resource in V Rising for the construction and maintenance of your castle, and you'll need a lot of it if you want to advance. V Rising is now available in early access, allowing you the chance to devour the land of the living and build your own vampiric empire. Of course, if you want to conquer the surrounding areas, you'll have to gather materials from the beginning, just like in any survival game. Blood Essence is one of the most critical resources you'll need as a vampire because it's needed to construct and sustain your castle's heart. Blood Essence is also linked to many of V Rising's upgrading mechanisms, making it essential if you want to optimize your vampire's power.

How to collect Blood Essence in V Rising

Blood Essence is earned in V Rising by killing creatures or adversaries that contain blood, as you might imagine. This implies that undead enemies like Skeletons will not drop Blood Essence, so don't spend your time killing them if you're trying to harvest it. Blood Essence is extremely easy to obtain; all you have to do is harvest it from living animals. Take the following steps:
  • Approach a living thing (Human, bear, dear, etc)
  • Attack them till their health is low.
  • To feed and collect their Blood Essence, press F, or just kill them.
  • The amount of Blood Essence you receive is determined by the rank of the enemy.
Higher-level adversaries are more likely to drop Tainted Hearts, which can be exchanged for enormous amounts of Blood Essence in your castle. However, this will not be an option in the early game, so keep an eye out for Bandit Camps or bears, both of which are excellent sources of Blood Essence at the start of your vampiric trip.

How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

You must have a Blood Press placed in your castle in order to acquire Greater Blood Essence. This will allow you to press Unsullied Hearts, a high-level creature-dropped item. Because four of these Unsullied Hearts can be combined to create a single Greater Blood Essence, you should collect as many as possible. So, now you know everything there is to know about Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence in V Rising, and you can begin building your empire.

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