BitLife: How to become a Marine Biologist

BitLife: How to become a Marine Biologist
BitLife: How to become a Marine Biologist

In BitLife, becoming a marine biologist is a challenging career. To be able to complete these tasks, your character must complete several years of education and possess the necessary Smart talents. Finding this employment can be difficult after completing the requisite schooling. How to become a marine biologist in BitLife is covered in this manual.

How to get the Marine Biologist job

Prior to worrying about going to college, your character needs to improve on their Smarts skill. Once your character starts reading, you may work on it by navigating to the Activities menu, selecting the Mind & Body option, and selecting to read a book. You should pick the Study Harder option at least once before you reach adulthood, and you should read a book once a year when you start school. This procedure should be followed up till your character graduates from high school.

Pick the biology major when you enroll in college and try to be accepted. The completion of this will take four years. Like when they were in high school, your character will want to regularly read books or go to the library. Also, make sure to choose the Study Harder option under the Education tab. Your character will then enroll in graduate school after completing those four years. You do not want to go into one that is specialized. You should only select the graduate program, which will take two years.

Your character can now apply for the position of marine biologist after spending so many years in school. It will be included under Full-Time Jobs under the Occupation tab. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when a job for a marine biologist may open up. You must wait till it arrives before applying for the position. The BitLife application may need to be closed and refreshed for the Marine Biologist position to show. If you meet all of the educational requirements after applying for the position of a marine biologist, you will be hired.

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