BitLife: How to get an enemy named Ursula

BitLife: How to get an enemy named Ursula
BitLife: How to get an enemy named Ursula

It's difficult to deal with an adversary named Ursula in BitLife. It may take some time to approach this, but depending on many circumstances, you might potentially succeed. There are a few strategies to make sure you can accomplish this quite quickly. This article will explain how to get the adversary Ursula in BitLife.

Finding an NPC named Ursula in BitLife

By using BitLife's God Mode, one can directly create the enemy Ursula. It allows you to modify almost every detail of a character in your game, including the name. God Mode is a premium service, though, so not everyone can use it. Having a child named Ursula is another option to finish this objective for the Under the Sea Challenge. To begin the procedure, your character must get married and have a child. Make sure to give the child the name Ursula when they are born, and as they get older, make sure they start to hate you.

In addition to either of these possibilities, there's always a possibility that you'll run into a friend or loved one named Ursula. If you succeed, your character won't need to give birth to a child and name them Ursula. Instead, you have the option to interact with them and decide to turn them into a foe. There's always the chance to repeatedly insult them or act negatively toward this character, in which case they will label you as one of their enemies.

In BitLife, rivals may go out of their way to be rude or disturb you. So, having a lot of them is not advised, especially if they are family members or coworkers.

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