Fall Guys: How to fix Error Code 201_003

Fall Guys: How to fix Error Code 201_003
Fall Guys: How to fix Error Code 201_003

Since the game went free-to-play over the past few days, Fall Guys has experienced a large influx of new players. Although it has traditionally been one of the more well-liked games, many new players have given the standard version a try because it is free. Sadly, while being primarily an online game, it has experienced numerous network problems that result in various error codes. One of the few codes Fall Guys players have mentioned encountering in-game is Error Code 201 003. It resembles Error Code 200_1040, which is an instance of a game session ending too soon. Although Error Code 201 003 doesn't have a comparable message, it can be related to the local files that are created during the installation of the game. While the developers continue to work on a remedy, having the issue can, unfortunately, make a player's life rather unpleasant.

Fixes that are just temporary for Fall Guys' Error Code 201 003

Although the developers have noted the issue, it remains unclear what is causing these various error codes. Here are some things gamers may do on their own to fix the issue, even though a patch is anticipated.

Start the game again

Many of the problem codes disrupt a specific gaming session and appear to be generated at random. In this situation, a full game restart is the best course of action. It's preferable to start the game over and try again even though a new session might fix the issue.

checking the file's integrity

The integration of the game files can be checked by PC players. Unfortunately, there have been reports claiming that all the issues are being brought on by corrupted installs. Here are the steps they can take to verify the file integrity now that the game is supported on the Epic Games Store:

Launch the Epic Games Client and then proceed to the library

  • When you've located Fall Guys, click verify after selecting the three dots at the bottom.
  • Players may restart the game after the verification is finished.
Players can try a couple more reported-to-work fixes even if the issue continues. One entails completely restarting the Epic Games Store client and, if necessary, the computer. The issue codes could also be resolved by checking the internet connection. Again, regrettably, there is no assurance that any of the foregoing strategies will be effective. The players of Fall Guys will have the best chance of success if a patch is released as soon as possible, fixing all the server problems.

Fall Guys chose a free-to-play business model, and the game's relaunch attracted lots of new users. The game has also made its debut on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. Players can enjoy the new season and gain new rewards to customize their characters as they advance through the game. Players won't have to worry about playing on different platforms if they use the same account because the game supports cross-play and cross-progression.

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