Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: How to Use Combat Arts & Magic

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: How to Use Combat Arts & Magic
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: How to Use Combat Arts & Magic

It's crucial that you become familiar with all of your combat skills, magic, and abilities in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes because doing so will enable you to clear material much more swiftly. Here's a summary of how to use your combat talents in this game, along with details on the various skills you can use.

Using Combat Arts and Magic in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

There are two fight art and magic slots available to each character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. You can utilize them in combat after you've equipped an art on them.
  • Make sure your combat arts are equipped throughout the phase of battle preparation. Press X to access the convoy, choose a unit and then equip their fighting arts.
  • To use your combat art or weapon skill during a battle, hold the R button down while pressing the Y or X buttons. Those face buttons are designated for arts and magic spells, so hitting Y or X will activate the one that is allocated to that button.
  • To continue employing fighting techniques, replenish weapon durability. When your weapon durability runs out, you won't be able to utilize your fighting arts or magic because they use up weapon durability points. By grabbing the purple item drops that appear on the battlefield, you can restore durability.

How to Unlock Magic and Combat Arts

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the proficiency of each character's job is largely related to their use of combat skills. Each career has three-star levels to reach, and with each level, you unlock either a combat art or a passive skill. Job experience can be acquired naturally by having your characters engage in combat and level up, or it can be accelerated by speaking with the Training Instructor back at camp. When conversing with the Training Instructor, choose the Train option. Then, choose the characters and the corresponding jobs you want to level up, and start training. For each training session, you'll use up training points, which are replenished between chapters and during some bouts.

Warrior and Awakening Gauges

Every character has access to a special Warrior and Awakening attack in addition to their two standard fighting skills. Your Warrior gauge (located in the bottom left corner of the screen) will start to rise as you kill more foes and capture strongholds. When it's full, press A to launch a devastating Warrior assault that will strike everything nearby.

The bottom right corner of the screen contains a little circle that steadily fills up for each character, which serves as their Awakening gauge. Hold the R button down while pressing A to enter the Awakening state. You can more quickly defeat your adversaries' defenses and deal greater damage while in an Awakened state. Your character will immediately launch an Awakened attack, another potent AoE move that will damage everyone in your immediate vicinity, once the gauge is empty.

Picking up the yellow and blue item drops that appear on the battlefield will fill your Warrior gauge and your Awakening gauge, respectively; doing so will speed up the filling of these two gauges.

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