Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Basarious Pectus+

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Basarious Pectus+
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Basarious Pectus+

While out on a hunting mission in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, one of the many different types of resources you can collect is a Basarious Pectus+. You then travel back to Elgado Outpost with this material in order to have it fashioned into a weapon or piece of armor, thereby improving the quality of your gear. There is a specific monster to be obtained, as well as a technique to do it. In Monster Hunter: Rise: Sunbreak, obtaining a Basarious Pectus+ will be one of the topics that will be covered in this tutorial.

Where to find Basarious Pectus+ in Monster Hunter Rise

The Basarious Pectus+ is something that can be looted from a Basarious. You will need to engage in combat with the Master Rank form of this creature, which should become accessible as you make your way further into the Sunbreak campaign and achieve Master Rank level two quests. You have the option of hunting Basarious by yourself or embarking on the journey with a group of other hunters. You will want to make sure that you obtain the quest "Good Guts for Gunlances?" from Master Arlow, as he will ask you to provide him with this particular item at some point.

One of the most common items that may be looted from this beast is the Basarious Pectus+. You have a chance of 26 percent to obtain it as a target reward, a chance of 55 percent to break its parts from its chest, a chance of 28 percent to carve it after overcoming its combat, and a chance of 20 percent for it to be a dropped material. It is not recommended that you attempt to capture a Master Rank Basarious because there is no way for you to access this substance if you are successful in doing so. If you do happen to find this material while you are hunting, you are welcome to put it in a trap despite the fact that the best way for you to obtain this item is by crushing its chest.

Employing a Blunt weapon or one that relies on Ammo is the most effective strategy for penetrating the Basarious's chest armor. It is a well-armored monster, so you will need to be patient and wait for it to show its belly before you can attack it. Once it does, you can strike it.

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