Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Pearl Glosshide

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Pearl Glosshide
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Pearl Glosshide

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a substance you can bring back to Elgado Outpost is called Pearl Glosshide. There, you may use it to strengthen your character and prepare them for the most difficult hunts in Master Rank by upgrading your weapons and gear. It can take you some time to find Pearl Glosshide, though. The following information will help you obtain Pearl Glosshide in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find Pearl Glosshide in Monster Hunter Rise

The Khezu is the beast that displaces Pearl Glosshide. It needs to be fought at Master Rank in order to yield this resource. There are various ways to get this item, however, breaking pieces off of a Khezu is the most effective one. Breaking pieces is one of the several techniques that provides you a 100% chance of obtaining Pearl Glosshide at the end of a task. Pearl Glosshide should make its way into your inventory as long as you can tear a chunk off Khezu, or another player in your group can.

The neck, body, head, and tail should be avoided in favor of the legs. In addition to breaking its legs, Pearl Glosshide has a 16 percent chance to drop as a target reward, a 15 percent chance to show up when you catch it, a 37 percent chance to carve it, and a 50 percent chance to appear as dropped material.

When hunting a Khezu, we advise concentrating on striking the animal's legs in order to obtain the Pearl Glosshide. This monster is vulnerable to both slashing and blunt damage, but when struck in the legs by a slashing weapon, it takes more punishment. Phino the Sailor is searching for Pearl Glosshide in the "Combo Wizardy" quest in addition to gathering it for your equipment.

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