Raft: How to get the Temperance code

Raft: How to get the Temperance code
Raft: How to get the Temperance code

In search of the Raft Temperance code? In the ocean-based survival game Raft, this snow-covered island is a brand-new landmark. Near the conclusion of the main plot, the huge, cold region plays a significant role, but getting there requires locating the coordinates. We are unable to just provide you a number since the location code is randomized; you must locate it on your own. You won't need to worry because of this temperance guidance. Furthermore, it's not only about getting there; once you're there, you'll probably start looking for a Raft Temperance code in order to complete the island's primary plot and arrive in Utopia. The preceding landmark, Varuna Point, conceals the Temperance coordinates.

You need to utilize the big crane to make an opening because this note is inside the lower building. Your first job is to search the larger building until you locate the crane's lost Crane Key. To find the entrance, go under the water and seek the vibrant jellyfish. Climb the Crane and throw the rock once you get the Crane Key. The Temperance coordinates are then on top of a desk in one of the lower rooms on the smaller island, which can be reached by using a zip line. It's time to return to your raft and head toward the Temperance.

Temperance Island walkthrough

Fair warning: clearing Temperance Island will take some time. Here is a brief overview of everything else you should do in addition to keeping an eye out for ice bears:
  • Utilize the snowmobiles that are stored all over the Temperance (inside the small shacks)
  • Obtain electrical wires from the island's radio towers. Use the wires to attach the igloos to the power supply once you've located the Igloo Village. As a result, you will get access to the blowtorch in the bigger igloo.
  • Observe the sizable structure that remarkably resembles R2-D2? Although the door is locked, trying to enter the building will cause a landslide. Find a different entrance by going through the tunnel and then swimming through the water. Because the tunnel is short, you don't need diving gear, but be careful of the harmful glow fish. Use the nearby screen to solve the safe code puzzle (the code is to count how many stars are in each constellation). Then, proceed to the Selene Research Facility and use the blowtorch and Selene Key to enter. After putting on one of the Hazmat Suits in the closet to your right as you descend the stairs, proceed to Laboratory 2. On the associated computer, enter the codes that are displayed on the wall. The Reactor Key must next be obtained by resolving the laser problems using mirrors.

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