Raft: Where to find and use the Recycler blueprint

Raft: Where to find and use the Recycler blueprint
Raft: Where to find and use the Recycler blueprint

One of the most crucial crafting locations in the entire game is the Raft Recycler. Why? You may become the richest castaway on the seven seas thanks to it. Want to use a fridge to wow your friends? An enticing pirate hat? A Viking Horn, perhaps? Your first task is to construct the recycler. It's easy to grasp because the Raft Recycler essentially does what its name implies: it discards extra things and transforms them into Trash Cubes that can be exchanged at Trading Posts (in return for said Pirate Hat). To get a variety of things, including Trade Coins, the money accepted at these Trading Posts, you will essentially need a Recycler.

Where to find the Recycler blueprint in Raft

Find the Recycler blueprint as your first step if you wish to purchase a Recycler. The Radio Tower, the first landmark you'll see throughout the main plot, has the highest room. You haven't yet located the Radio Tower. Next, try constructing a receiver for your raft (researching the Smelter will help you on your way). The blueprint is pinned to the whiteboard on the right side, next to the playable character Tala, about whom you can learn more in our tutorial on how to unlock additional characters in Raft, once you have reached the top of the Radio Tower.

The Recycler blueprint doesn't actually need to be kept. The next step is to return to your raft and master the complete crafting recipe since the Recycler gets placed on the Research Table as soon as you obtain the blueprint.

Raft Recycler crafting recipe

Open the crafting menu and select the "Other" tab to create the Recycler (second from the top). This is what you require:
  • 6 Plastic
  • 4 Metal Ingot
  • 2 Bolts or 2 Hinges (not both!)
  • 1 Circuit Board
Put everything together, and presto! You have a recycler.

How to use the Recycler

It's not difficult to use the recycler; simply choose a resource and press E to insert it. Once you've put in enough items, the Recycler starts on its own. You'll need, for instance, 30 planks, 15 nails, or 4 metal ingots, depending on the grade of the materials utilized. Remember that the Recycler only accepts "raw materials," which include flotsam (planks, palm leaves, plastic, etc.) and fundamental crafting supplies (Bolts, Nails, etc.). Place a Battery on the right side of the device because the Recycler also has to be charged.

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