BitLife: How to marry into royalty

BitLife: How to marry into royalty
BitLife: How to marry into royalty

Getting married into the royal family in BitLife is a great way to join it. It can take a while to be married, especially if you have to persuade a family member to be interested in you. You can't be a typical person in the eyes of many. Instead, people will approach you to ask if you'd like to buy them a drink only if you are a well-known member of society. We discuss how to marry into royalty in BitLife in this guide.

Dating royalty in BitLife

You must achieve fame if you want to date and eventually wed someone from the royal family. You can achieve this by increasing your notoriety in every way possible and eventually marketing yourself as someone who is worthwhile to be around. If you wish to lead a more adventurous life, you should consider pursuing a job as a singer or entering the po#n industry. Another choice is to achieve fame as a writer or actor.

You must further your reputation and infamy after becoming well-known. Interacting with the public, authoring books, appearing in commercials, or appearing in advertisements are all ways to achieve this. Depending on how you first became famous, you can change how you spread your renown. As an actor, you must, for instance, be chosen for higher-budget films and win prizes for your performances.

It won't be long before another prominent member of royalty has their sights on you once your character achieves enough fame. They'll try to connect with you, and you two can decide where it goes from there. The fact that the character is royalty and you may profit from it without even caring about their stats. Being a part of the royal family has several advantages, like being treated with respect, having the power to put anyone to death, and being able to enact laws.

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