Raft: How to unlock new characters

Raft: How to unlock new characters
Raft: How to unlock new characters

To access new Raft characters, go here. Just two characters are available when you first start the shark-infested survival game, but as you progress through the narrative, you can unlock four more. If you're new to the game, this may really address another query you may have: yes, Raft has a plot. It's crucial to remember that Raft characters lack any unique powers. However, there are still a few justifications for why you ought to gather them. First of all, because you'll eventually run into them (warning: they're easily missed), you might as well get them. Second, if you don't all look alike when you're playing with buddies, it will be much easier to determine who is who.

Before you begin your Raft character hunt, it's critical to understand that once a character is unlocked in one save the file, they remain unlocked indefinitely. The characters you meet will also be automatically unlocked if you're playing with pals. The person who joins after you speak to a new character, however, must still do the same. Before beginning a game, you can alter your character at the main menu.

Here’s a quick list of all the Raft characters:

  • Rouhi, male (unlocked at the start)
  • Maya, female (unlocked at the start)
  • Tala, female
  • Johnny, male
  • Elaine, female
  • Shogo, male

How to unlock new Raft characters

You must read the story in order to start looking for additional Raft characters. Building a receiver and three antennas is the first step (place them one floor above sea level). then key in the code that appears in your quest diary. The receiver will show the location of the following tale in addition to adjacent islands (green dots) (blue dot). The Radio Tower and Tala are located at the closest blue dot, and you can also find the blueprint for the Raft Recycler, which is required to make Trash Cubes, there. This procedure essentially stays the same. Look for a message with the coordinates every time you visit a new landmark. Sail to the next place after entering the coordinates in the receiver. The only thing you need to watch out for is missing any of the playable characters along the road.

Raft's every character's location

Unfortunately, when you arrive on Raft's playable characters' islands, they aren't exactly there to welcome you. Each character's location is described below:

Tala: Radio Tower

In the little room at the very top of the Tower, there is the first playable character. To reach there, you'll need to have some serious parkour skills.

Johnny: Balboa Island

Relay Station #6, which sits on one of the island's higher portions, is the structure you require. Once there, you must ascend the confined stairs to get to Johnny.

Elaine: Tangaroa Island

She can be found on the upper level of Tangaroa Tower, which is accessible through the roof, sitting on a safety chair. The top portion, which effectively becomes a separate mini-tower after it blows off and lands in the ocean, is only accessible after that. You need to play through the tale first if it hasn't happened before.

Shogo: Temperance

The enormous structure with the words "Selene Research Facility" over the door is where he is. But before you can enter, you must get a blowtorch and the Selene Key (more about that in our Raft Temperance code guide). To access the Reactor Room, you must first enter Laboratory 2 and overcome the tasks there. You will come to a computer on the left after passing through the tunnel covered in snow. To unlock Shogo, interact with it.

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