Shovel Knight Dig: How to beat Drill Knight

Drill Knight steals your bag of gems at the start of Shovel Knight Dig, and you have to fight the leader of the Hexcavators inside his treasure room to win. Although it is the only fighting arena in the game with a fixed layout, it is nevertheless the most difficult fight. Considering how far you've traveled, be sure you're ready for the showdown.

Shovel Knight Dig: How to beat Drill Knight

Tips to defeat Drill Knight: Phase 1

In this first phase, Drill Knight employs a recurring combination as opposed to other monsters who use a variety of techniques. He'll start by charging forward, wide open for attack. He's preparing to launch himself into the air in drill form before sinking into the ground, so don't jump on top of him. He will suddenly pop up and crash into the ground when he emerges. Avoid launching an attack right away since the impact will send sparks flying. You can deliver a few blows once they're clear. The next thing is a massive punch that you have to jump over.

That's because doing so will force Drill Knight to charge forward and get his drill hand caught in the arena's side. Take advantage of the chance to strike him repeatedly, but don't be overly greedy; once his hand is free, he will quickly strike you again. Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities for you to deal damage of your own throughout the first half of the encounter as this pattern keeps repeating. You can breeze through this first section after you've got the groove down.

Tips to defeat Drill Knight: Phase 2

Even though Drill Knight has the most HP of any boss, when he drops to half health, he still switches things around, which is when chaos ensues. First, the room will fill with earth, necessitating continuous digging for the duration of this phase. Avoid being dragged by the dirt to the far wall because doing so would cause you harm and crushing. Also, watch out for spikes that may occasionally poke through the ground. Finally, keep an eye out for several attacks from the previous phase as well as many new ones.

Drill Knight will first perform its previous leaping drill jump, but happily, this time it will truly clear any dirt in its path. He will perform the same smashing attack after a few dives, so avoid the sparks like before and then land a few blows. He might start chuckling and speed up the dirt movement in new attacks. This is your time to hit him, but watch out not to get drawn into him or you'll get hurt. Don't let Drill Knight catch you when you're making your own way since he has the ability to send his drill-fist hurtling through the dirt in a circular motion. Keep away until he calms down because he can also change into a spinning, bladed top that bobs and weaves through the soil.

Drill Knight will start to launch his final strike as soon as his health reaches zero. The regular levels' buzzsaw will appear, and the dirt will start to move faster in the other direction. You must now rapidly press the dig button to get to Drill Knight and kill him before the saw catches you. The boss fight against Drill Knight is challenging, as you would expect from the game's last combat. The first part can be completed through memory and rhythm, while the second phase can be completed with precise timing, being sure to speed up and slow down as necessary. You can defeat Shovel Knight Dig and bury the game's final boss with enough effort.

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