Shovel Knight Dig: How to beat Spore Knight

In Shovel Knight Dig, every biome is followed by combat between two knights. The Spore Knight, a newcomer that rules over the game's opening stage, the Mushroom Mines, is one of the series' signature boss battles. Here's how to get rid of the fungus enemy.

Shovel Knight Dig: How to beat Spore Knight

How to defeat Spore Knight: Phase 1

Since Spore Knight is the first boss in the game, he is a little easier than the other Hexcavators. You can't, however, let your guard down too much or you risk losing. First of all, keep in mind that the shape of the battlefield can change. You must take extra care when bouncing off Shroom Knight or the wave of mushrooms he can cast across the screen if the ceiling is lined with spikes.

Here are some things to watch out for when it comes to attacks. The main attack of Shroom Knight is similar to a frisbee throw: he launches his mushroom hat straight out before bringing it back to his head. Before it flies back, leaps over it so you may land a few blows. The previously described mushroom wave is his other attack. The earth will be covered in a flash of color that will leave a trail of mushrooms in its wake. Before they vanish, you can bounce off of them, but avoid getting hurt by hopping over the energy itself.

How to defeat Spore Knight: Phase 2

The Spore Knight will acquire a new attack when his health is halfway gone. He'll leap into the air and throw some powder, which starts spores falling from the sky. As you cope with the standard attacks, be wary of this additional hovering threat, as these cause harm if they touch you. The first of six Hexcavators, Spore Knight, shouldn't be too difficult for you to defeat. You don't want to start the following level with just a sliver of health left, so be careful not to become overly greedy.

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