Shovel Knight Dig: How to beat Tinker Knight

Since he has appeared in each Shovel Knight game to date, Tinker Knight is back in Dig as a member of the Hexcavators. Before you may proceed to the next biome, you must defeat the tiny knight after completing the Smelterworks. You'll need to cope with some of his deadly inventions as usual.

Shovel Knight Dig: How to beat Tinker Knight

How to defeat Tinker Knight: Phase 1

The Tinker Knight flies around in a drill-tipped biplane at the start of the battle with a low health bar. He moves back and forth, dropping missiles and hurling bolts your way. It's possible to bounce off of the wrenches, but it's advisable to avoid getting too complicated at this point. When Tinker Knight dives toward the ground, wait for him to do so before hopping up to hit him with a bouncing shovel. You can get a couple hits in as you follow him up the arc of his flight path if you manage to catch him at the appropriate angle.

How to defeat Tinker Knight: Phase 2

The real battle starts after the tiny health bar is gone. The lava boat that Tinker Knight summons has a lot more protection than the small plane. Be ready to avoid those missiles as they rain down since they can fire a volley of them into the air. Get up on the higher platforms to be safe. It can also slam into the side of the arena, bringing lava waves lapping over the deck. The boat can also sink farther, leaving the top platforms as the sole safe areas. Watch out for volcanic rocks that may shoot in an arc over the boat at this moment.

Tinker Knight will periodically emerge from the boat's coverings during this phase. You won't be able to hit him if he's below deck, so just keep avoiding the wrenches he flings at you. Take advantage of the chance to launch some attacks if he emerges from any of the others; you can know which one he is likely to emerge from because it will glow red. When you notice more than one glimmer, take caution since the ones he doesn't actually utilize will shoot fire. Do not rush in until you see him emerge. Be careful not to play things too casually at the start of the battle, as Tinker Knight's second phase is much more dangerous than the first. You can keep this knight's new ship and himself from being destroyed if you stay out of his traps. 

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