Who is kimmikka? Twitch streamer who was caught having s*xual intercourse on live broadcast and banned on Twitch

On August 24, Twitch streamer Kimmikka and her unidentified boyfriend were discovered engaging in fornication while replying to chat messages on livestream. The broadcast moment was recorded as was to be expected and uploaded on numerous social media sites, garnering millions of views before Twitch swiftly smacked down the ban hammer for seven days. After the sexy incident, Kimmika unexpectedly experienced a rise in popularity. In a very short amount of time, the streamer has gained hundreds of thousands of viewers and followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Who is kimmikka? Twitch streamer who was caught having s*xual intercourse on live broadcast and banned on Twitch

Who is Kimmikka? A Twitch streamer who was banned for having s*x on screen becomes increasingly popular

It's not unusual for Twitch to ban streamers for breaking the site's guidelines. Many well-known streamers have been banned for violating the platform's nudity and sexual content guidelines by using explicit photos or content during live broadcasts. Kimmikka's incident, on the other hand, shook up the streaming scene and got a lot of creators, popular streams, fans, and followers to share their thoughts.

Kimmikka has managed to considerably increase her online visibility since changing her nickname from all of her social media handles to "kim mikka_" after having her ban from the streaming platform lift. To give you some context, during her August 24, 2022 show, viewers noticed a peculiar expression on her face as she responded to her live chat, which piqued their attention. The streamer, who is 21 years old, only let her face be seen while attempting to be covert throughout the entire show while speaking and drinking concurrently. She could plainly see her reflection in the background, which showed the streamer's partner standing behind her and seemingly engaging in s#x.

Her partner can be seen behind her at one point in the video. Although there was no explicit body parts visible onstream, the faces said it all, and Twitch quickly removed the live broadcast after learning of the inappropriate conduct. However, given that Twitch is quite stringent with its rules and procedures, the briefness of her punishment raised a lot of concerns online. The community guidelines for the Purple platform make it clear that nudity and sexually explicit content are not allowed.

Within a week, Kimmikka was unbanned, and her main Twitch channel quickly surged as hundreds of viewers flocked to watch her rejoin the platform following the embarrassing incident. Her Twitch channel has amassed a whopping 10.5k followers as of the time of writing. Not only has her Twitch handle grown in popularity, but so too have her Instagram and TikTok accounts, which now have over 22.9k and 120k followers, respectively.

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